Fort Worth Police Historical Association 

"I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.
--Abraham Lincoln

The beginnings of the Fort Worth Police Historical Association were realized when a group of Fort Worth Police Officers saw a need to preserve our police departments history. The Fort Worth Police Department was growing so fast that as buildings were bought and sold by our city. Some well meaning employees did not know where to put the historical photos, documents and equipment that could describe the departments history for future generations.

In 2005 the Fort Worth Police Historical Committee was formed. The Officers involved were Officer Tom Wiederhold, Retired Sgt. Dale Hinz, Corporal Jim Houck and Sgt. Kevin Foster.

Fort Worth Police historical association


Fort Worth Police Historical Association Fort Worth Police History Displays And Presentations

  • President-Tom Wiederhold
  • Vice President-Chip Jones
  • Secretary-Maureen Beaucond
  • Treasurer-Quilla Barnett
  • Board-Marty Humphrey
  • Board-Mike Barber
  • Board-Dale Hinz
  • Board-Bo Whatley

Fort Worth Police Gifts and Souvenirs

The Fort Worth Police Historical Association supports itself through donations and gift sales. You can find that special gift for your favorite police officer or find that special police collectible for yourself. Take a look at our gift store. All profits go to support the preservation of the history of the FWPD!  

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3RD QUARTER PANTHER SCREAM  BRIEF                              Volume6 Issue 3

           by DALE HINZ

Members receive a quarterly newsletter. Here is a brief summary of some from this quarters news articles.

Jim Courtright Dies - February 9th, 1887 Jim Courtright's weapon fails to act at the critical time. This is a story of famous gunfight at the White Elephant Saloon between Jim Courtright and Luke Short.

Air 1-Photos of the first helicopter acquired by Fort Worth P.D. in the late 60's

Life of a Detective-Photos from 1970's

Charles W. Lightfoot ID #462- The career story of  Officer/ Detective from the 1960's. Assigned to burglary-theft.

Ringtail Tooter of thunder road and much much more.

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